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The Power Of A Promise

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Nurturing The Seeds Of God's Promise Through The Seasons Of Life

Using the metaphor of a seed, Jen Baker encourages us all to nurture the promises God sows into our lives, and equips us to stand firm as we learn to understand the different stages a promise undergoes towards fulfilment.

God loves to sow promises in our hearts, but they very rarely come to fruition immediately. Often they can take many years to come to fruition and too often the storms of life can rob the hope we have and we can let go of these promises. But what if these dark times were all part of the journey to fulfilled promises - would that give us hope to persevere?

Through personal experience Jen Baker has learned over the years that God works in seasons, and the more that we can understand our current season, the greater impact it can have on future victories. As Jen has seen, too many people over the years give up on a promise, or abort that promise, simply because they did not understand their season.

So, using a seed as a metaphor for the journey, Jen shares six key stages a promise undergoes toward fulfilled purpose. Each stage of the journey is detailed, including what to expect and how we could respond.

The book weaves together biblical reflections on how Jesus' life fits this pattern, and her own personal successes and failures so that readers are inspired to view their lives through the lens of promise.

With questions for readers to reflect on further, this book is a gently challenging look at how we can all live fully in the calling God has uniquely designed for each of us.

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